Reading Labour’s Desperate Racist Campaign – The Men Behind It.

I’m pleased that my post yesterday about Reading Labour’s despicable racist leaflet has resulted in a response. As well as the three responses to the post there was quite a strong reaction from people on twitter and facebook, particularly from people more sensitive to the use of language around the issue of race, particularly when being used as a ‘dog whistle‘.

So, who are the people behind the racist dog whistle leaflet? The leaflet says “Promoted By David Absolom on behalf of Eileen McElligott both at 3 Windsor Square, Silver St, RG1 2TH Printed by Public Impact Communications Ltd, 6 Southern Ct, South St, RG1 4QS.”

According to the Reading Labour party website David Absolom, as well as being the person responsible for Reading Labour’s campaign, is the candidate in Peppard ward where, as a commenter to my last post has remarked the Conservative Party has their own little difficulty. The site goes on to say, “David Absolom, who runs a gardening business with his wife and who stood in Peppard last year, is Labour’s candidate there again. Tel: 07963190431.”

Public Impact Communications Ltd is the company run by John Howarth who was the Chair of Reading Labour Party in the 1990’s, sometimes Press Officer then Park Ward Councillor and Cabinet Member for Planning and Transport who ran away from the Council after making a pigs ear of a proposal to make the IDR one-way, gifting the Park Ward seat to the Conservatives.

John Howarth was one of a small group of men who upset and alienated Church Ward Labour members during two by-elections in the early part of the century after the death of two sitting councillors. At the time they responded to out of date and incorrect information about Church Ward. It has been current in Reading Labour for more than two decades that the residents of Whitley, the suburb of Reading which forms the largest part of the ward, are racist, hence the dog whistle. From spending time in the ward, knocking on doors and talking to residents I know this information is wrong.


3 Responses to “Reading Labour’s Desperate Racist Campaign – The Men Behind It.”

  1. Sara Says:

    The people of the ward clearly can’t be that racist otherwise they wouldn’t have elected Janjua, a Pakistani, on several occasions under both the Labour and Tory banners. Wonder how the Labour boys can justify this belief given the evidence?

  2. Curious Blue Says:

    I still feel that you are finding Racism where none exists and that Labour are gunning for Cllr Janjua owing to his having been originally elected as a LABOUR Councillor for Church then changing to a Conservative . His ethnicty does nt enter into it and on RBC there are already Asian Labour Councillors such as the fomer Mayor and one of the Councillors for Abbey Ward.

    Since you mention Peppard Ward where the Asian former Conservative Councillor has been deselected and is fighing against an Official Conservative as an Independent, can you also look into that situation..

  3. janestheone Says:

    they’re gunning for him for that reason, yes, and not for his ethnicity, true, but they have decided to use racist tactics to do it, and that is what is despicable. Therefore Eileen Whatsername should lose.

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