A matter of inches

At the weekend the British cycling team  won the the world road race to, as RoadCyclingUK said “cap (a) historic week for British cycling” topping the medal table at the World Championships in Copenhagen with six medals, including two golds. A fantastic performance to win the road race but also to win all the medals. I think not enough congratulations have gone to the British team for their outstanding performance over the week that has seen them as the most feared team at the World Championships, so I wanted to add mine.

As Matt Slater reports on the BBC the victory margin for Mark Cavendish was “a matter of inches” but the team as a whole dominated the race. On a day when some of the people I follow on soical media have ben busy with a speech. Elsewhere on a site celebrating speech, that I was first pointed to this week, there is one which also talks about inches. I’ve not seen the film but it is a good speech with a good delivery by Al Pacino, enjoy:

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